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is time >> carolyn: dozens of san bruno ec wheeze are going home tonight, three days after the massive fireball killed four of their neighbors. is a they're settling in, the city confirming four people are still missing. the california public utilities ommission is ordering pg&e to conduct ak surveys on all of it's lin, and the utility is
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interesting being asked to expla it's proceed -- ocedures. >> alan: carolyn i the days ahead we're going to be hearing a lot about line 132. that gasline that exploded. now ntsb investigators are turning their focus on the anatomy of this explosion. today they removed that 28-foot section of pipe that flew about 100 feet and landed in the street. investigatorslso cut off the two ended of the pipe to examine the immense force that ripped the metal apart. the crater is more than half the length of a financial -- football field. it holds a lot of answers like
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ound stability and pipe fatigue. investigators arenterested in hearing from resides who can tell them when and where they smelled gas prior to the explosion, and they want to know about the area around the pipe. >> anybody who has reports of dead vegetation. one of the symptoms of a gas leak is that the vegetation dies. if we have reports of dead vegetation, we woul like to he about that as well. >> alan: investigators also ar looking into an inspection last march, as well as a sewer pipe repair in the immediate vicinity. the waterline rain side-by-side wh line 132. investigators believe the public holds key information into understanding ho the gasline exploded. you can send your information and your account and your amateur videos to the e-ma address below me. that's at san bruno at
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reporting live, alan wang. >> carolyn: we'll get that address on our web site. t residentswere cleared to return to their homes just after noon tonight. sky 7hd was overhead was pg&e crews worked to restore power and gas. tomas accompanied one family when they returned. >> reporterwe're here in glenview in san brown know, two blocks from the blast year. those resident who were told by authories they could go home to stay or get their belongings and leave, have already done. so while many feel fortunate to do back to their hom, they can't escape the fact of othe homes where people we not so fortunate. >> used t be a house here. i used to look from there. have vry nice dec and now it's not there.
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>> reporter: it's gone. >> she and her husband and three daughter are finally home. the girls tried to coax the rabbit out of its cage but it's too terrified to come out. the hays was spared from the flames that consed the three homes directly behind him. he says she has been frantic sinc her family escaped thursda night. >> my eyes, i left to hotel. it's like somethi mentally. i can't stay in one place. i want to move around. now probably get one hour and a half of sleep during the whole night. >> reporte the family is waing for pg&e to turn on their gas and power. she northeasts to -- needs to do laundry a get some sleep. >> reporter: are you going to sleep tonight? >> i cannot wait until nigh so i can sleep, yes. >> reporter: residents were td to gather at skyline college tied at noon. their identification was checked and they were given instructions how that i would be allowed back
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into their neighborhood. this view from sky 7 shows the 100 residen being let back into their homes in stages. the on people allowed to stay are those with green flags. residents are being escorted by pg&e crews who are turningn power and gas, lighting pilot leads and heaters and stoves. >> my oldest is six, and my middle ones four, and then we have an 18-month-old. >> reporter: hes trying to make sure everything is ready for his family t leave their hol room and join him. he is conceed his youngest girls have been bay traumatized by the experience of running out of their house while sirens blaired and flames lit up the sky. >> my biggest concern is my six-year-old. she hasn't bee sleeping good the last couple of nights. and the -- just small noises. >> reporter: he wants to keep the girls away from the devastation ju down the street.
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he says they're two young to be exposed to these scenes where their playground used to be. those people whose homes were yellow-tagged were only able to get their belongings and do back -- go back to hotels or motels. those peoples whose hom are red-tagged he a meeting tomorrow at the center -- seni center. authorities will tell them what to expect. >> carolyn: we're now learning that pg&e had a nearby section of pipeline scheduled for replement. that 30-inch diameter pipe is two-1/2iles north of the san brown know section you see here. the company planned to replace it. the pipeline was mauled -- installed in 1948 and was scheduled to be swappe for a
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24-inch pipe. pg&e classifi the area that rupturedas a high consequence area, requiring more stringent inspections. reports continue to surface from people who say they smelled the odor of natural gas in the area. pg&e says they have no record of anyone calling,o far. >> reporter: as you said, we have been hearing about these allegations about the smell of gas. pg&e says it has gone through its record from september 1st september 1st to september 9th and have found no reports n called in to complain about this smell of gas. however, today wepoke to a residen who lives here on this street, who says not only did neighbors smell gas, he also saw a pg&e worer out here inscting for leaks two days before the explosion >> this is what is left of pg&e's pipeline, soon to be shped to washington, dc for
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foensic testing. a 28-foot section was launched from 100 feet undergrou to the street. >> tried to run downstairs to open the front door, tried to get out, and i seen this bi flame, li a movie. >> repter: he was on his morni walk when he noticed a pg&e worker on glenview die the tuesday before the explosion. that day, me and other neighbors spokebout smelling gas in the area. >> that morning we did. th neighbors, everybody,hey say they were calling. >> reporter: pg&says so far there's no record that anyone called. a company spokesman could n say,hough, whether crews were in the area investating a leak before the explosion. >> we'll rearch that. >> reporter: he says the worke appeared to be using the same equient the spokesman said crews use to detect gas leaks. >> i sawa guy from pg&e, when i got up from my house that morning. he was checking something on the
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floor with something that beeped. >> a hand-held device, like a wand, and sweep that dice -- device arnd the perimeter of a building to look for indications of gas. >> reporter: neibors fearing they may neveree each other again and made it back in the homes jose alvarad had no home to return to. it was red-tagged. the mayor says he heard the rumors about smelling gas, but they remain rumors. >> i heard the same rumors, for me at this point in time they're just rumors. i haven't got any confirtion from pg&e the's any issues there. >> report: now, the residents we spoke to today said that pg&e was out here working on that ne a few months back. as for the pg&e spokesman, h said he would get back t me to tell me wheer crews were actually out here inspecting for gas leaks two days beforethe explosion. he never called back.
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abc-7 news. >> carolyn: we have assembled an extensive catalogue of information on the fire. you'll fine it on our web site. the ureport videos and our videos and ways to help the victims. on our home page, >> still to come, a major mess on highway 101 today. the deadly accident that snarled traffic for 15 hours along the peninsula. also,ew hope for the mother of the woman being held in iran. what the iranians are now requesting. after a warm start to the weeken temperatures dip below average again due to per -- persistent onshore flow. [ male announcer ] have something you love ing?
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>> carolyn: all lanes of highway 101 have just re-opened 15 hours after a heaon crash. drivers heading both north and southbound have been himmed to a singselane today. the collision happen when a wrong-way driver smashed into a car. a good samaritan stopped to help and both were struck and killed by traffic. >> the biggest thing here a safety message. you never want to be outdeoff vehicle on the highway. if you find yourself in a situation where your car breaks down or you're involved in a crash, remain inside your vehicle. >> carolyn: as you n see, the backup stretcd for miles all day sunday as investigators kept most lanes shut down throughout the day. robber shot and killed a man
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in berkeley overnigh as he and his fiaee war walking -- were walking home from party on the south side. a robber shot the 35-year-old vict. the other punched his fiancee in the face. >> these are community memrs that were walking home from the party, in the early morning stroll, some blocks from their house, and it turned into a just horrific trady. >> carolyn: the robbers too off in a mid-size two-tone suv and drove west on ashby of -- avenue. >> one of the three uc berkeley graduates held in iran could be released from prison. the ju dish area set bail sarah ore at half a million that is pected to be posted by swiss diplomats bus the u.s. government has no ties with
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iran. shor is being released for health reasons. she discored a lump in her breast. her fiancee, shane, and their friend,. >> will remain in the iranian prison. just a week and a half after hp won a bidding war for a fremont company, it now appears it's ready to spell another billion and a half on a cupertino company. and wil we see any warm weather in this final week of summer? we have the forecast just ahead. >> mike: the raiders will be remembering the titans and the 49ers looked off against the seahas. only the first game, but we'll brea it down for you in sports. [ female annouer ] why settle for plain bread en you can have pillsbury grands! flaky layersiscuits? the warm, light licate layers
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>> carolyn: excitemaker hewlett-packard mabe closer to another major acquision. it's nearing a deal to by arc sid for $1.5 llion. it comes a week and a half after hb successful outbid dell for 3 par for 2 billion. , a site makes security software. we enyed a lovely weekend but there's a change on the way. >> lisa: e 21st is fall so we have a pretty good lookg week ahead boy, did we drop toda as much as 10 to 15 degrees in some spots. aive look outside. looks pretty nice ou there. plenty of sun, but those onshore breezes kept it cool throughout the afternoon. a just some 50s along the coast. santa cruz, 58 degrees, and elsewhere, we saw 59 half moon bay. in oakland today, with some more 80s from concord to livermore. it was pretty seasonaln the
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east bay valleys, but big cnges on the order today. we're going to look at pretty similar numbers toughout the rest of the early part of the work week 59 in the city. winds out of the west-northwest at 21-miles-an-hour. 70 in san jose. the 4-hour temperature change sig yeand. 12 degrees cooler in concord so no matter where you were, you felt the cooldown. theog spreading inland ovnight, and the steady onshore winds will st with us all week so temperatures will be a bit below avere, and take a look, the possibily of rain maybe for our friendsn the north bay by the middle of next week. 5 -- 52 in vallejo overnight. the fog, fremont, possibly concord. we have an ar of low pressure here, and that's going to aow for the winds to carry the
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marine layer inland. so the steady onshore wind keeping the marine layer from 1500 to 2,000 feet deep. so that's going to keep our temperatures in check. they're not going to get too warm. in fact, we'll see numbers in the low to mid-80s east of the caldecott tunnel. so, temperatures today, similar to tomorrow. look for just low to mid-60s for millbrae, with the fog hugging the coast. half moon bay, just 59. san francisco, even cooler tomorrow. today, managed 67. 62 tomorrow. 74 in santa rosa. a nic afternoon, great start here in berkeley and san pleasa,
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77. look ahead, very little chang with low clouds and fog retreating to the coast by the late afternoon. 80s inland. 70s around the bay, and by the weekend, increasing clouds. and fall start shortly after that. and we haven't had much summer. >> carolyn: i'm still holding out for the warm weather to hit. mike shumann had big predictions for the 49e, all the way to playoff. >> mike: i knew you were going to say. let's not overreact. itis a long season. but the niners are not a playoff team today. it was ugly. they were on the same page coming out ofhe tunnel but coerate get in synch on the field. smth, are you kidding me? overthrows norris. you have to score in these situations on th road. inside the seattle three times inhe fir half. six points. later in the second, after an alex smi interception, the seahawks capitalize.
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hasselbeck to branch. easy money. third quarter, niners trying to action smith throws way behind michael crabtree. a nightmare day for smh. 26-45, 225 yards and two picks. 21-6, seattle. and they add to that. pete carroll win in his seattle debut as head coach. 31-6 the final in seattle. raiders open their seon in tennessee,. first quarter, 3-0 raiders. vince young chang that. completed 13-17 passes. this one, 56 yards to nate washington. 7-3 titans. eekland's offeive line, awful. jason campbell sacked four times in the first half. the raider defense, held chris johnson to three yard on five carries but you knew he would bust' out. here it is.
7:23 pm
second quarter, 24-6 titans in the first half. rough debut for campbell this int. the raiders fall 38-13. let's economic on some local conntions. the lions vising the bears, and best with a nice debut in detroit. rushed for two touchdowns. then watch calvin johnson get this pass from sean hill. ruled incomplete. both feet are down, has possession that's a touchdown. but they ruled it incomplete. the bears win it 19-14. good news-bad news for the giants. leado hitter torres had emergency appendectomyhis morning and will miss ten days. the good news? ty beat the padres. a fashion statement in san diego by a giant fan. hee's a nice little swing from
7:24 pm
buster posey, driving one deep to right. number 13 for foesy. -- for posey. now tohe fifth, 3-0 tim lincecum helping his own cause. makes it 5-0. and lincecum is back to his old self-on the nine. gits are once again tied for first place with the pa with the victory. baby girl's first ball game. how cute. the a's lookg to sweep the red sox. adding on, mark ellis splits the gap in right center. then suzuki. oakland takes the lead. th lead would evaporate in the sixth. kalesh, pinch-hit single. jd drew just under the tag. the a's are now 8-1/2 back of the rangers. final round play at the bmw championship. dustin johnson sticks his
7:25 pm
approach on 17, leads to a birdie. takes theead at 9-under. then on 18. taps in for the win. fourth pga tour title top 30 advances. and tiger woods did not make the cut. fiba world championsp. seth curry getting into the ow. the three-balling, his only points. kevin durant, monster tournament. americans win, first championship since 1994. and the men's u.s. open, today cancelledue to rain. >> carolyn: we'll recap today's develoents in the explosion and fire in san bruno. that's ju
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>> carolyn: an update from san bru where more than 100 people ar back in their homes three days after the massive elosion that killed at leas four people. in the california public utilities commission is ordering pg&e to check for leaks on all of its natural gaslines, and they're asked to explain to provide is response and provide detail of its spending on safety. the ntsb is asking the public for information about any calls they made about the sml of gas prior to the explosion, and they're asng neighbors if they noticed any dying trees in the area and to report back. i'm carolyn
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